• Amanda Chen

The Women Behind WOM_NTO Tarot Deck

One of the best things about working at Pray Tell is being able to host local events. I had the pleasure of sitting down with the creators of WOM_N, a tarot card deck featuring fantastic women in Toronto as we celebrated the launch of their latest creative project. Not only did we have special cocktails on the menu, you could also get stick and poke tattoos and tarot readings.

I don't think we give enough credit to the badass women in Toronto making movements. There's not enough press about it, but we have a very tight-knit community around women in entrepreneurship that we need to celebrate more.

Sitting down with Nataleigh, Ally and Louise, it literally takes an army to make something happen. You're not alone in this journey, and honestly, why would you even want to be? These three women found each other and worked together to create this community-oriented work of art.

This all started off with Nataleigh thinking of ways to solidify a celebration of women. First thinking of a photo gallery, she was on the search for something physical, that also had a spirit or an energy form that you would have to actually connect with the women in a different way than just seeing it in a picture or on a stage.

"It was this perfect storm for all the right pieces together. Ally makes the deck much more authentic. Louise brought the branding to life," says Nataleigh. "And I'm so grateful for the both of you. They've made the whole project actually something out of my head into the universe."

Everyone here has something really strong here to offer and the network allowed our deck to be a lot more inclusive but eccentric. I personally don't think it's the regular people you'd see in the Top 30 under 30 list.

I met Louise just over a year ago. I found her on Instagram when she was creating an event for Women's Day, reached out to her and offered to bartend for the evening. Since then we've done a bunch of events together, sharing our services and opening our networks to more amazing women.

Within this transitionary year I saw her grow out of Burger Pawty to create even bigger, more meaningful projects that feel so close to her heart. She's since created Roseate Magazine where she regularly collaborates on passion projects with other fantastic creatives in the city.

My advice to anybody is just go for it. Whatever the hell you want to do, in business, personal, whatever. Just go for it. It's your own life. No one has control over it and if you live by someone else's rules you won't be happy.

But of course, especially in passion projects, nothing will go exactly the way you planned it and that's the beauty of it all. I think we only actually fail when we restrict ourselves too much and lose the whole point of getting it out in the world.

Ally has a refreshing take on setting goals that removes time out of the equation. She believes in taking little daily steps toward your goal rather than setting deadlines to have certain things done by a certain time.

One thing is not being too rigid in what you visualize. I can't get all the things that I want, you have to be more flexible, but it also opens doors for something you might not have noticed in the first place.

The tarot card deck is packed with amazing local talent and businesses that you'd normally never see featured on a generic feed showcasing what "success" means. That's why this project relates so much to me and Salty Woman.

There's lots of cool, unique, tarot cards, and other creative projects featuring influential people. "What doesn't exist is toronto specific, and of people we know," says Nataleigh. "And it's ok that we're gonna do it this way and I'm not afraid to share it with either of you."

You just have to get over the fear and know that you want it done more than you want it to live within you.

Want to hear our full chat? Ally also put together a tarot reading while we were talking that was just so fitting. Check out the Podcast below!


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