• Amanda Chen

Salty Woman: Nina Purewal

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Here's a story on how I met Nina Purewal, founder of Pure Minds and the co-author of the bestselling book Let That Sh*t Go.

I'm a bit late in writing about this Salty Woman because fuck, it has been a challenge to give justice to the magic of meeting Nina Purewal. And truthfully I got a little lost on the way. Reconsidering why I'm even telling the stories of other women, but honestly, I could do this forever.

She's everything I want to be. A published co-author for not just any book, but a fucking best-selling book, Let That Sh*t Go, Nina is also the founder of Pure Minds, living her life leading workshops on mindfulness and does it in such a natural way you know she was set on this earth to do exactly all of this. I would normally be shitting bricks but all I felt was pure excitement about meeting this human.

Let's backtrack. As I was planning my second Salty Woman event, The Beauty of Balance, focused on mental health and wellness, I creeped around the Internet and sent cold emails to complete strangers in a space I knew nothing about. It's a numbers game okay. I just spammed the shit out of the industry and hoped for a couple bites.

And trust me, I heard a lot of "no" just because no one knew who I was. That wasn't going to stop me though. Someone was going to bite. And Nina was a "hell fucking yes." The fact I even got a reply from her had me freaking out. But of course because she's a badass amazing woman killing it doing what she's meant to do, she was obviously busy on the day of the event.

Nevertheless, I still wanted to meet her. Be in her presence. Listen to her story. Share her story to the people in my universe. I felt like a complete fool oversharing what I was going through from launching Salty Woman barely a month ago, the difficulty in getting people together to talk about hard subjects, the struggle to just do good to more than yourself, and when you're literally trying to make the world a better place people are still shitting on you.

I literally screenshot her reply to me, sent it to my closest friends and said "THIS is why I have to keep going." This is what she said:

"I don't know why but I am getting chills and a bit emotional reading your note. I get the sense that you are going to have a big impact on women and the future. I'm sure there are challenges here and there but trust that your hard work will payoff!"

I went through a month-long journey learning about mindfulness and mental health through the lens of so many different practitioners in the space. What resonated the most with me about Nina is that she was dealt some pretty shitty cards in her childhood life, dark shit that no human should ever encounter, and yet that's what put her on this journey and gave her purpose.

We're not going to get into it, but Nina had to deal with death in her immediate family at 16 years old. You're not even a fully functioning human yet and now you have to work with survivor's guilt, PTSD and tons of thoughts about why this is all even happening to you. She led a fabulous, successful adult life, killing it in corporate, then walked out and literally took all her shit and lived offline in California for a year. The only way you could reach her would be through hand-written letters, which she sent and received over 150 of that year.

Now we don't exactly have to go through drastic experiences and do extreme things in life to find ourselves, but one thing is for sure - we have to figure out what the fuck is going through our heads. Nina told me she was huge into positive quotes and had this post-it note written in capital letters at her desk saying "GET YOURSELF OUT OF YOUR WAY."

"You have to treat your mind like a child. It’s a lifetime thing, but it gets easier and easier."

Nina says we think all these thoughts that we end up believing them to be true. But they're not the real you and it'll take time for you to learn how to be aware of that and let that shit go. There's so much that we know and do about our physical health, we dress our bodies, we go to the gym, we watch what we eat, but we don't do nearly as much work on our minds. At least we're finally talking about it which is monumental. If you haven't already, I highly recommend reading Nina's book, it is so easy to read and relatable it's like she's sitting on the couch here chatting to you like one of her oldest friends.


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