• Amanda Chen

Salty Woman: Michelle Tamblyn-Sabo

An avid practitioner of yoga, Michelle Tamblyn-Sabo aims to remind women about what has always existed within them through Goddess Flow, a femininely-attuned way of engaging with their bodies and the divine feminine.

We met at Pray Tell Bar, the venue for our May 14th event: The Beauty of Balance. As soon as Michelle Tamblyn-Sabo entered the room I felt an incredible burst of energy. I felt like I was on a caffeine rush. We instantly went to work, walking around the space, ideating how the event would run, figured hey, that's good enough, and sat down to chat. Her energy is so relaxed and open, my words can't do it justice. If you could bottle comfort into a person, she'd be it.

I gave her a quick summary on how our last event focused on strength, which I only realized then that we as women have been spending so much time trying to be like men, strong like men, independent like men. And of course, like all of us, Michelle did the same. As a strong and independent woman, she has been practicing yoga since her late teens and also realized how masculine dominant her practice was, resulting in feeling rigid from focusing too much on how her poses looked instead of how the exercise made her feel.

We laughed at this, but Michelle told me she felt like something had to tell her that she's a woman. She told me about a pivotal moment in her life when she was literally in paradise with her family on vacation when she suddenly felt an energy from the ocean that reminded her of who she is.

"It was being in the organic presence of this incredible flowing being that’s able to adapt, able to nourish, able to destroy, able to give life, that in that moment I'm like omg my body is asking me for something. My heart is asking me for something. It was so subtle."

She's since introduced the world to Goddess Flow, an experience that goes beyond the practice of yoga to re-engage women with their femininity. The work was no longer results-driven, not striving to gain anything not striving to lose anything, but getting into a deeply nourishing, loving connection with your body.

What I love about this is that she's not teaching you anything. This isn't a class for you to get an A+ in form. She tells me that every time she steps into the room, she gets completely naked. In the exercise of her own vulnerability and authentic self she sets the stage for this to be a space that we work in together and gives all her trust in what the moment brings. "I don’t really know what’s gonna happen," she says. "But it's gonna be true. It's gonna be honest."

Michelle admits that this whole "it's within you" notion could be pretty annoying to some people who simply "don't feel it." But nothing that she's offering is something that anyone has to learn. She's simply bringing out what we already know is inherent and natural to us. She creates a space for women to explore their bodies in any way that feels appropriate to them. And that's where the real work comes in. She's bringing back the power to the women.

Michelle truly believes that where we are is where we're meant to be. We have everything within us to make everything happen to us. We are the builders of the track, which means we have everything we need to lay down that track and rebuild.

"I'm here to be me. And that's why I do what I do. It makes me full. I can be in that space when I'm in a room with women and we're here to co-create and that allows me to be me. And that allows her to be her. And that, for me is magic."

As we're all on this journey of un-learning what we've been taught since childhood, which used to literally be "don't be yourself because no one will like you so change it to be popular and successful," I'm so glad to see Michelle has been able to find herself and in turn open that space for others.

"Every single day it's gonna be constant effort to be yourself. Showing up, saying you know what, even though it's hard, even though I have to be brave, it's worth it."

Michelle's go-to three books are Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Redvelations: A Soul’s Journey to Becoming Human by Sera Beak and Coming Home To Myself by Marion Woodman. Beyond the spiritual reading, she also recommends digging into some good solid fiction that just makes your heart light up. Follow that energy because you might not even realize your own being intertwined in that story.

I'm beyond excited to have Michelle join us on May 14th to lead a guided meditation with us. Get your tickets now!


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