• Amanda Chen

Salty Woman: Michelle Laratta

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Mother, business owner, dance instructor and all-around shit disturber, Michelle Laratta is a fearless creative spirit that has learned in her life that if you want something in life, just do it.

It's so simple right? Let's not give all the credit to Nike here but Michelle believes the key to getting what you want is going for it.

Fuck whatever is in your way. Really if you want something there shouldn't be anything stopping you from having it. I think we’re taught that some of us don’t live in that world -that some of us aren’t able to take advantage of the same things other people take advantage of. I don't agree.

And that go-getter mentality is exactly what Michelle is about. I learned that she started her thriving business, Big Ass Piñata when she made one for her son's second birthday. After cruising through Pinterest for a wrecking ball piñata (the party was construction-themed lol) she realized that because she can't get one, no one can get one. And in that one simple thought, she decided she was going to create this space and opened for business the next day.

But it doesn't end there. Not only does she have this incredibly unique business that she's began completely on her own, she's tapped into a market - adult piñatas - that enables her to exercise her creativity with the freedom of doing it on her own time.

At first glance I think Michelle is a dope-ass queen. That nothing and no one can get to her. How does she maintain this unnerving strength? And her answer? She doesn't.

"I've always fought for us sensitive people. There's this very public and very strong opinion that you should heal and rise up, but some of us just need to feel our way through shit. And feel it for a long time."

Brought up in a home with an Italian father and a Chinese mother, she had a strict childhood where she was told what "being a girl" was supposed to be like. She said her parents didn't want her to work and would always give her money. I had the same upbringing and out of sheer rebellion I remember taking as many jobs as possible.

She told me she once had a profile written on her that began with, "even after a failed marriage, Michelle went on to..." and had to request to change the verbiage on that. "Last time I checked," she said, "that wasn't a failure." That's the attitude we need to embody and start making it mainstream. As women we've been labelled as mother, sister, daughter, wife - never just a goddamn woman doing her thing.

There is so much power in a woman that shows her emotions. We spend so much time trying to play cool and "act like a man" to convey strength. But being an emotional, vulnerable woman is so powerful and so beautiful at the same time.

It's incredible to be around Michelle's presence. I feel immediately at ease, as if I can tell her anything about myself and be welcomed with warmth, acceptance and tolerance. She has an endless energy and enthusiasm for life regardless of the rocky path she's been given.

What's her secret? She makes sure she's always uncomfortable. She says this to me, while sipping on the last bits of her margarita, "I have to throw myself out there and pick jobs and friends where I'm forced to go out of my comfort zone all the time."

"Half the part of life is showing up right?"

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