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Salty Woman: Meredith Youngston

Nutritionist, food blogger, recipe developer and newly founder of Lake and Oak Teas, Meredith Youngston aims to bring health and fun from her kitchen to your home.

Just 8 months young in her journey as a new business owner, Meredith is a perfect example of how doing something that makes you happy will result in success.

Her special blend of teas were originally created while she was experimenting with herbs at home due to anxiety and digestive issues. She didn't want to rely on taking supplements or dishing out tons of cash on a therapist, so she took matters in her own hands and made her own solution.

"I taught myself how to cook when I was visiting a boyfriend at the time in Australia. It made me feel at home and in control. It made me happy."

But getting to this point didn't come easy. Of course we all say we want to do things that make us happy, but I definitely didn't grow up taught that way. As women we've been trained at such a young age to get to a certain point and have achieved certain things by a certain age.

As soon as Meredith finished school and took a stab at being a nutritionist, she realized it wasn't the right path for her. Now what? We've all felt this way, feeling like a failure, and not knowing what to do about it.

How was she going to tell clients what to eat if she can't be a perfect example?

Six years deep into her blog Earth & Oven now, she's gone through lots of change. Originally a strict vegan eater and now more of a promoter of healthy eating, she shared her experience trying to measure up to this self-inflicted ideal of what a "nutritionist" should be like, how she should eat and carry herself.

Growing up, she read a ton of teen girl lifestyle magazines and tried pretty much every fad diet she could find on the Internet. And in her profession in nutrition, she would constantly choose a way to constrict food, hoping it would be a magic pill to solve everything.

"I never felt good enough, so I always overcompensated to make people feel comfortable, which seeps into every part fo your life. Not saying no, agreeing with everything, always being okay when you're not."

Although Meredith's upbringing and journey was completely different from mine, we felt the same feelings of inadequacy and shared exasperation of feeling lost and alone. Only now is the world finally making this conversation more mainstream.

But there's still plenty of work to do. And that begins with you. Meredith says she has to actively balance out some of the crap with the good stuff. Not every day is going to be a good day and she's figured out how to be ok with it.

"Try to curate what you’re feeding your body in terms of your friends, what you’re reading, what you’re eating, because you have control over that."

What I appreciate about Meredith's story is how honest she is about feeling shitty. She's not going to pretend, and ensures to surround herself around others that do the same to encourage her to maintain that honesty.

Join us on May 14th to meet Meredith and try her latest tea flavour, a super matcha! High in antioxidants, matcha gives you that energizing boost without the jitters you get from coffee. She hand-picked a blend that dissolves easily and is used for both hot and cold brew so you can enjoy the benefits of matcha tea without the fuss of that fancy whisk.

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