• Amanda Chen

Salty Woman: Melissa Leithwood

Mother, entrepreneur and partner of doTERRA essential oils, Melissa shares her passion on empowering women to feel well, whole and free.

The first time I met Melissa, we were both working an event together at SoulCycle. Both of us pushing our products to sweaty post-workout babes, I was expecting the typical small talk and the elevator pitch about our business.

What I didn't expect was the incredibly warm welcome she gave me as she opened the space for us. She started off with, "I have a gift for you." In my shock and confusion I asked "What? Me? Why?" and she simply said "because everyone deserves a gift, and you deserve it today." What troubles me most is how uncomfortable I felt about this kindness from another woman. Why aren't we always this generous to each other, and more importantly, to ourselves?

"People are not well because they’ve put everyone else first, and not their own wellness."

And like me, Melissa was just the same at one point in time. Brought up in a very traditional Eastern European family, she followed her orders in attending school for psychology and business. After 9 years of school and three months left to finish, she called it quits.

Insane, I know, right? But being someone that recently called it quits on my entire career I get it. Anything is better than staying where I was. And the whole "you can just go back to it later" idea is bullshit. You don't want that to even be an option to fall back on.

She found herself feeling anxiety while doing the dishes one day and realized things need to change. She didn't want to go through life not being her authentic self and quickly found that essential oils were her jam. Her first oil was called BALANCE - which the naturopath told her was the "Mom's oil for anxious feelings."

Since then she's found essential oils have been a great way for her to take a "mini vacation" and step out for a minute to shift her emotions on a daily basis.

Melissa's way ahead of me on the game of finding balance and listening to yourself and your body. With so many trends on wellness and self care where do you even start? And are you even doing it right? That's what I felt when I shared my struggle on practicing gratitude, she told me when she visited a naturopath doctor she learned that if you stick to writing in a gratitude journal for at least 21 days, the research shows it will rewire your brain to think more positively, bringing in more positive things into your environment.

"Go out there and experiment, but also don't give up on yourself too soon. You might not like something at first but ask yourself and understand if it's something you're running away from or do you just not like it."

Melissa usually works with women where they're already at a point of no return, are immobilized and are no longer whole. Her whole work is on getting us to see what's happening while it's happening.

She reminds us to take a minute and re-evaluate your lifestyle when your body sends you little signals so you can catch the fire before it turns into the full-on blaze. From feeling "brain fog" that goes from happening sometimes to daily, or noticing changes in your body like your skin flaring up.

As another entrepreneur she feels the stress we go through in feeling like we're never doing enough to grow the business. There's always more work to be done. And that can feel overwhelming and we have the choice to either ignore the signals our body is giving or listen and make a change.

When Melissa isn't out making the world a little brighter, she spends her time homeschooling her two children. She explains that her kids are able to get involved in her work, get exposed to the life of entrepreneurship, but most importantly, see Mom happy doing something she loves and understand that that is possible.

"I tell myself I'm not just leaving a legacy for them. I'm leading a legacy for them through my actions."

Come out on May 14th for our second event, The Beauty of Balance and meet Melissa! She'll be joining us as one of our Salty Woman speakers for the evening. Get your tickets now.


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